There are volunteers serving on The Point Association Board of Directors, as well as the committees that have been formed to support our mission.  If you can’t find someone you need to contact below, please contact the Membership Committee.  If you are interested in participating on any of our committees, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Board Members:

President, Ken Snyder,

Vice President, Mary Beth Jenkins,

Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair, Deborah Arnold,

Secretary, Nancy Abbinanti,

Corresponding Secretary, Editor in Charge, Points of Interest, Pam Kelley,

Beautification Committee Chair, Richard Abbinanti,

Green Light Editor, Ann McMahon,


History & Archives Chair, Lisa Stuart,

History & Archives Contact, Nancy Abbinanti,

Membership Committee Chair, Barbara Hogan,

Website Director and Liaison, Bill Farrell,

Legislative/Civil Affairs Chair, Leigh Gallagher,

Anyone who’s interested in placing ads in the Green Light should reach out to Deborah Arnold and Ann McMahon at

The following organizations have non-voting liaison representation to our Board:

Alliance for a Livable Newport (ALN), Anne McMahon,

Ward 1, Newport City Council, Angela McCalla,, mobile phone number 401-290-8370

Ward 3, Newport City Council, Kate Leonard,, mobile phone number 401-952-3461

Newport Community Policing Officer, Officer Frank Pirri #388, 401.845.5863